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Love my country, my family, my friends, and above all the Lord Jesus. I was raised in the Northest, and have also lived in California; Florida; and Texas; as an evangelist and pastor. I have traveled a lot, and have made a lot of friends, and been of some help to a few people, for which I am grateful.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Do you Give Up?

The best day of my life was the day I gave up! I mean the day I understood that I could have a new life, a life in Jesus. It was the day I reached the end of myself, and the beginning of an adventure in God. Do you know that God's call will always lead you into, "not knowing"? I had no idea what the life of God would be like. But I took the step of faith, "not knowing" what my life would become. At some point to be a follower of Jesus you have to "lose your mind" and do what is not reasonable, but what you know to be God. This is the way of faith. Consider Abraham, he was told to leave his country, and he obeyed and went "not knowing", but looking for a city whose builder and maker was God.

Or Paul, "compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there". Act 20:22 All the leadings of God will be the same way. "Not knowing". The Lord will give you direction for the first step, then He expects us to walk by faith "not knowing" the outcome. It's the way we started in Him, and the way we are to walk in Him.

God will not show us more than one step at a time, we don't need to know the outcome, we are only to obey His leading. It's the same for all His commands. To those who don't know Jesus it's the same. First you give Him your life, then you will know Him. Knowledge is on the backside of faith. You can't know Him first. You may know a great deal about Him. You may even have had a experience with His power to keep you alive. But you don't know Him until you come to Him and give Him your life, and then He gives you the Life of God. Faith is followed by knowledge, not the other way around.

Jesus taught only believe, and you will see the glory of God. If you can believe, all things are possible. As you believe, be it unto you. See how the believing is followed by the manifestation of God? In the commission to the church, go... and the Lord worked with them, with signs following. If you want God to move on your behalf, believe and take the first step, if healing, have hands layed on you in Jesus name, and the healing will follow.

Here is the divine plan, if you give, you will receive. God gave His Son, to receive many sons through Him. What ever you need give. You need prayer, then pray for someone else. You need love, then love someone else. Give, and it shall be given unto you pressed down, shaken together, and running over. This is the principle that God used to establish his work of redemption on the world. Are you a witness to the life of God, then witness. Do the works of the Lord, preach to the poor, proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, release the oppressed, and proclaim the time of the Lord's favor. Do what you can and know to do, and the signs will follow. We take the step of faith, ''not knowing" what the Lord will accomplish, but knowing He is good.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mister President

Through out history all men of great destiny have has their moment of decision. From the authors of the constution and the Generals of the Armys. These moments brought either the blessing or the curses of the people who entrusted them with there authority.

Are you the man of war. Will you stop murder, and tryanny and terror? Your enemys are at your door. The ones you call brother, the judicial branch of our own government. They have set themselves up against the very wishs and laws and even the spirit that we stand on.

Lincoln also faced these forces, and fulfilled his place in history. The war is upon you, they are set against you, will you fear to do what you in oath promised to do. Enforce the constution as you said you would?

The whole of the nation will not be with you, but a major part, and even the Lord. To put away evil and a murdering spirit from our land. The people stand with you, this is your greatest opportunity. There is more unity for saving the life of Terry, and for removing this diseased system of judges than for any other war.

What say you, are you the one to fight with us, or do we wander in this wilderness another generation?

Remove any fear, and gain for us this victory, and heaven itself will fight for you. Is it yet to late, does Terry still have breath?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Backward View

I'm simply amazed at the teaching that premeates the church. The backwardness of it all. It seems that we are living in an age that is parallel with the time Isreal lived by "everyone did what was right in his own eyes". We have taken the word of God and chosen the portions of scripture that agree with our view. Then we discounted, argued away, or changed the meaning of those parts that either we don't understand, or haven't experienced.

Is it to hard to believe that God meant exactly what He said? Are we sure we speak the same language as our bibles? Does, "I change not", mean that, or a variation of that for our time? Are we all lawyers, and judges, that have been given authority to interpret the words of God? Has higher learning made us unable to comprehend the simple truth?

In other posts I have already addressed a lot of issues where we assume to know better than God. This is primarily about the availability of the Lord. For some reason we think that it is hard to get the Lord's attention, and even harder to get an answer to prayer. And next to impossible to be able to know Him personally! I have read countless accounts of the people whose lives and love and ministries have impacted the world for God. The recurring theme in these men was there unyielding commentment to know the Lord better, and to remain in His presence. This is the focus of the greatest men of God.

Paul was blessed with muliple revelations of the Lord. But his stance was," that I may know Him". Obviously paul did know him in part, it seems that the more that is revealed, the more revelations are desired. God is to awesome to fully know in this life time. But we are told to seek His face. It is apparent to me that, "those who know God, shall do exploits". On the other side those who don't, can't. We can start this at conversion, for we are born of the Spirit, and have the witness (life) of God. The Holy Spirit will lead and quide us into all truth. He will take the things of God and show them unto us. These are the facts.

In our experience I feel we short-circuit the work of the Spirit. We take spiritual things and try to understand them in our natural mind. Cutting off the waiting on God for revelation. Thinking we know, the spirit is quenched. Regarding the waiting on God. God is not playing a game. The Lord instructs "line upon line, precept on precept". In other words, He teaches things in order of importance to each of us individually. From where we are to where we should be. According to our ability to comprehend and assimilate. He does a through and perfect work. It won't be by our design, we're not perfect, and don't know the way. I have a lady friend who the Spirit spoke to and said, "of the top 10 things on your list, not one of them is in my top ten"!

I'm certain that our progress is slowed due to our lack of understanding of the spiritual. We are so naturally, and physically minded that we haven't learned how to walk and live by the spirit. The scripture says we are the temple of the Holy Ghost. Yet in our daily life it doesn't make the impact that it should. Having the power of God the Spirit alive in us should make a dramatic difference in our lives, and He does. We are not yet full grown. The realm of the unseen is still a mystery. The angels are a mystery, and yet they are vital to the work. The presence of the Lord is not fully manifest, and the watchfulness over us by God is hardly reconized. He has quaranteed that "the Lord is a present help".

Regarding answers to our prayers, "while they are yet speaking, I will answer them". If we are praying for something in the will of the Lord. While we are still praying, God answers Yes, and Amen (so be it). For in Christ is the yes, and amen. "will He not with him (Jesus) freely give us all things". "What things soever you ask for in prayer, believing you have received, you shall have what you ask for". We are to know that our prayer is answered yes, while still praying, and receive that God given yes, and know we have it. We aren't talking God into anything, we are agreeing with what God has already told us. "Ask, seek, and knock, for everyone that ask shall receive, and everyone who seeks shall fine, and to him that knocks, the door shall be opened".

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Confident Living

In my life I have noticed that, the best of the best, have an air of extreme confidence about them. Some may say it's even a little arrogant. I am convinced that this is the biggest difference between the also rans, and the champions. This is the single evident trait of sport stars, music stars, and movie stars. We as christians know the world is deluded and decieved, in bondage to sin. There self-confidence is a mirage, but that doesn't make the principal of faith void. Faith in themselves is misplaced, but still has a powerful effect in their life. I content that it's also the way God wants his people to live. Not to be arrogant, but to be extremely confident in Christ.

If we study the scriptures we have to come to this conclusion. Every thing, for any situation that we can face, has been provided by the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. We are now children of God, the temple of the Lord. Given the authority in Jesus name over all the power of the enemy. We have the Holy Spirit of God. We are even flesh of his flesh. There are numerious scriptures of what we have, that begin with; in Chist, in Whom, by Him, and through Him. Over and over we are told of the victory we have, and the life of God in us. This is an overwhelming declaration of this principal. Being Confident in Life.

I will tell you of an experience I had in God. I generally pray walking around, sometimes with my understanding, and sometimes in tongues. I am very vocal, not a quiet prayer. I want to be heard by God, and I want to put my enemies on notice. The noise doesn't bother God, and I build up myself in faith by moving and being loud. If we are going to be led by the Spirit, then we have to be willing to move when He says move, and to speak boldly when He says to speak.

Anyway on one occasion I was praying in the spirit (tongues) for a while. When you pray in the spirit, ask for the interpetation. The Lord will enlighten your understanding sometimes. Sometimes words will flow out of your heart, not your head. Or you will get a witness to something, or a number of various ways in which you know the mind of God. Praying in the spirit is not just beating the air, it's a gift of the Spirit to bring about the will of God in your life!

On this occasion my spirit rose up with what I can only discribe as a body of energizing power. I felt like I had just put on a body that would have been perfect for superman, or some other super-hero. The man of the spirit is the same form as your body, but a little bigger, and a whole lot stronger. That is the real you, the spirit man. You are a spirit, that posesses a soul, and wears a body of flesh. This feeling of power and might was awesome. I know I could have whipped any man, devil, or animal with out working up a sweat! I'm not a physically big or strong man, but with this life in me, I was more than a match for anything!

This is the way the Lord wants us to view ourselves in Christ. More than conquerors. We are more than a match for any sickness of disease. We have power over all the power of the enemy. The life of the spirit is to dominate our thinking, our walk, and our conversation. When we meet with God, and his church, we should leave with the confidence that we are able to make the difference in the world. We have the equipment, we have the knowledge, and we are hooked up with the life. We can get the answers, and the solutions to any problem.

The church has been preached down to the floor, the spirits of the saints have been trampled, to where they think they are powerless to do anything. That is a lie from hell. If we will shake off the teaching of soulish sermons, and stand on the word and power of God. If we will walk as the sons and heirs of the Almighty. Then we will see the demons tremble, and flee in terror, and all hell and the evil one will be put to flight. Stand therefore in the strength of the Lord. For the Lord is the strength of your life, be bold, and couragious, for the Lord will fight for us. LIVE IN CONFIDENCE.

Consider this; "the righteous are bold as a lion". A lion roars when ever he wants, he doesn't care who hears him, he just is free to be as loud as he pleases. Is there anyone who will try to stop him? When he's hungry he chooses what he wants and goes and gets it. There is no match for him in all the animal kingdom. He rules on opposed by his great strength. As christians God would have us view ourselves the same way. Speak the word boldly, who will stop you. Get God's plan for your life and go after it in the same way as the lion, in the great strength of the Lord. You are to rule, there is no one who can stand against you. You are more than a match for anything. Your are more than a conqueror in Christ. "Of his fullness have I received"!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Standing Firm

In the fall of man the devil tempted Eve by causing doubt on the Word of God. As someone said; "the principle sin of all fallen men, is to exchange the truth of God for a lie". The work of faith is the reverse, it says the Word of God is true, regardless of what the evidence of the natural appears. This is where the war has it's beginning. The devil will cast thoughts of doubt and try to confuse or dissuade us from affirming, and agreeing with the Word of God. If he is successful them the Word of promise is forfeited by our unbelief.

Let no man or power from hell tell you that God lied. "Let all men be liars, and God be true". After we have dispelled all doubt and fears and questionings we believe and receive the Word of Promise into our heart. This is the seed that will grow and produce the harvest. Concerning the promises of God. Paul said no matter how many, "they are all Yes, and Amen (so be it) in Christ". God wants and delights in us taking our inheritance in Christ. It always is by faith. God has in Jesus provided a HOUSE of blessings for us the children of God.

Whatever promise you are standing for in faith you have only the Word of God, and the witness of the spirit, to withstand the natural evidence. That is more than enough. Hold fast to the Word. Don't allow condemnation to sway you. The manifestation may be swift or seem slow in appearing, just let that seed grow and you will see the fruit. Join with other believers, who are of like faith, and pray one for another.

You can also speak to these things, "speak to this mountain, be removed, and it will obey you". In all ways, and by all means, let that promise live and come to pass. Persevere in faith, and let nothing move you. And be thankful, that is the voice of faith. To bless God for the victory, before the victory is manifest.

Husbands, you are in the position of authority in the family. Let you faith overcome the obstacles of doubts. Put down everything that would rise up against you and your family. You are the authority in that place. And God will honor your position, and your faith. When I was married, my wife had allergies. For the most part there was just small sniffels and some running noses. One day I came home and my wife was a mess. Her eyes were red, her throat was clogged and I'd never seen such a runny nose. She was on the bathroom floor over the bowl, and didn't look like she would be able to move from there for some time.

I got Holy Ghost hot, I mean something inside me rose up with anger. I grabed her head, and with all the authority in me, I commanded that thing to leave in the Name of Jesus. It left, it had to, I wasn't going to let it stay. I was feed up and the war was on, I won. Through the Name of Jesus. She was well immediately, and there was never any more allergies. Rise up men and take you place of authority, and do the works of God.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Beyond what's Natural

I have got to do this, I've been blessed with to much curiosity. Every thing that I see coming down the road has it's end in mans understanding. I want to change our mind set to the realm of the unseen. To pursue the things that relate to us through a heavenly view. Books such as "The purpose driven life" may be useful to a degree. Even a divinally inspired book such as the late Kenneth Hagin's has a limit on it's service.

Let's get right down to where we live. Even the Bible has a limit. No that is not blasphmeny. Consider this; Jesus is, and always had been, and ever will be the Word of God. Yet we have no words or works until his baptism in water and the Holy Ghost. The problem I see is we tend to think that if we have Jesus in our hearts. And have the Holy Spirit living in us. We think we have arrived. Well yes, and no. Yes our being children of God is complete, and needs nothing else. No, that is not the end of the journey, it's the beginning.

In Jesus ministry he said; "what I see the Father doing, that I do. And what I hear of the Father that I speak. I am not alone, the Father is with Me". To Nathaniel he said; "you shall see the angel's of God assending and descending on the Son of Man."

Sense we know we have the word, and the Spirit, we act like now the heavens can go on vacation. We can figure it out from here, thanks for the start. What utter nonsense! Not even Jesus did anything apart from the Spirit, and the Father, who are we! What about the angel's to assure the victory's of God? Joshua encountered them after crossing the Jordan. Asking, "are you for us or for our enemies? Neither, but as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come". This messenger then gave instruction to Joshua on taking Jericho.

If our hope and prayers and plans and works never leave the earth. How are we going to gain any spiritual, or real earthly victory's? God has the plans. Sure we can claim scripture, but which ones are important at this time, and this season? The scripture is complete, but it's exactly one-third of the God- head. Can we operate at one-third power? Or even two-thirds? Why not operate on one hundred percent power. With the right plan, at the right time. And have the backing of the hosts of angels from the Father.

What we need is the presence of God, the plan of the Spirit, and the Word of the Lord all together. This is the way the work of the Lord will get done, JUST LIKE JESUS STARTED IT! We need divine encounters. Angelic messengers. And manifestations of the Spirits power. We've got enough books, tapes, training tools, good ideas, teaching, confessions and the like. We have to seek God. Then when we speak he will answer and show us what to do, how to do it, and where and when. Then we'll have good success.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What did you Expect

The power of the cross of Christ is a double edged sword. Jesus said he came to divide, a truth seen in the Acts. In Peter's first sermon, 3000 were added unto the Lord. In his second, the healing of the lame man, again the Lord added to the church. The next thing that happens is they get arrested, and beaten. There release resulted in more manifestations of the power of God, to testify of the risen Christ.

Our work and witness will likewise be a double edged sword. You will be received with great joy, and you will be hated. Arm yourself with this knowledge! Are you ready to be cursed? Can you handle rejection? Do you care if your despised? What if you are laughed at, and made a mockery of and ridiculed? Jesus didn't let that stop him. Paul gave his testimony to these things. His response was; "none of these things move me".

We are instructed to be loving, and to speak the truth with grace. That does not mean we will be treated in the same manner. We are always to be reconsilers, never to give up on love, faith, and hope for all men. The preaching of the truth will not always bring about our desires.

Let's look at Stephen, "a man full of God's grace and power, who did great wonders and miraculous signs amoung the people". I don't know about you, but I would love for God to give this report about my life, and ministry! What a great testimony! He pleased God! The same things that blessed the Lord, also infuriated his enemies. It placed a target on his life.

His first sermon was his last! His enemies plotted against him and stired up false accusations against him. Even with the glory of the Lord on his face, at the end of his testimony, they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him. They covered their ears and, yelling at the top of their voices, they rushed him, and dragged him out to stone him.

The wisdom of God is evident in this admonition, "wait till you receive power from the Holy Spirit". No man without the Spirit will be enabled to stand up to the power of darkness in his own strength, and remain in love. Stephen prayed, "Lord, do not hold this sin against them". What a prayer! God help us to be of this spirit in our efforts!

I felt it nesesarry to refresh this in our minds. To see clearly our calling. To be forwarned so not to be easily discouraged. Our work in the Lord is not in vain. He will enable us to be faithful witnesses and to complete our tasks. With joy holding out the Word of Life. Leaving the results and purposes in the hand of God. Only be strong in the Lord, and the power of his might. Be of good courage, for the Lord is with us. Be bold and we will see the salvation of the Lord.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Attitude of the Almighty

We need to look at things from a heavenly perspective. God who is the eternal all wise and all powerful creator of all things. For by him and through him all things have been created and have their being. His word is the rule and authority, and power over all. He knows no defeat, he knows no lack, he knows of no other authority. There is no other. He spoke and all things created came into being. This word has been given unto us, the redeemed of the Lamb. He is the word, manifest in the flesh to put away sin. And raised unto glory by the Father. Who has sent us into the world to preach the gospel to every nation of the earth.

This is the time, this is the place, and we are the people. The commission of the Lord to make disciples of all nations and all people needs our futher examination. Let me put it in modern terms. "Arise; and go forth and conquer in my name, and nothing will be able to stand against you. I shall deliever all (people, lands, and nations) into your hand, and nothing can stop you. We haven't yet realized what we have been given to complete our task.

The Word of God. The assurance of the Father. The Angel's of heaven. The Holy Spirit. All the resources of heaven. The promises of the scripture. We are abundantly supplied. Equiped with the truth, and filled with his joy. Paul said, "I am not ashamed of the gospel". I like to rephrase that; "I am CONFIDENT of the gospel, it is the power of God, and the wisdom of God.

We should not cower in the darkness, we walk in the light. We have the words of life. We have knowledge of the Most High. We are the hope of the nations. I'm not telling you to go anywhere. I say we are to be the witness in our own world of interest and influence. To those we see and know. If we don't shine here why go anywhere else? Shake off the thinking of the world. We're not lost, we're found. We're not confused, we know God. We're not fearful, or doubting, or unbelieving. The world is lost and in bondage. They are confused and blind. Let's go forth and set them free. With the freedom that we have received.

As the scripture says, we are more than conqueror through Chirst. Let's grab the Attitude of the Almighty. Refuse to doubt, or fear, go forth believing and recieving the truth. Let's show them the love and wisdom and power of God. To save, to heal, and to deliever, and to fill with a new life, the Life of God. Arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord is arisen upon you.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

What you Reject you Lose

There was a powerful truth brought out in church this morning by the pastor, Dr. Wingenroth. The text was Matthew 16:1-12. The Pharisees and Saducees asked Jesus for a sign from heaven to test him. He told them they were able to interpret the appearance of the sky. But couldn't interpret the signs of the times. He told them the only sign would be the sign of Jonah.

Jesus then left them and went away.

That is powerfull. What could be worse than having the Lord of Heaven and Earth walk away from you. To who would you turn? Who could help you then? That is a hopeless situation!

This was pastors point, the following are my thoughts in light of this passage.

If we don't allow Jesus to have his way, He will go somewhere else. He will not perform and jump through hoops! He doesn't have to answer to us. He didn't grant a special introduction. They weren't shown the mysteries of heaven. If we don't believe him, he will go to another! How sad it must have been to him. These were supposed to be the leaders of the people that God chose. They were the men that ministered unto God. The ones who were privileged to have the finest teachers. The ones that the common people looked for to judge there affairs.

They totally misunderstood the plan of God. They couldn't see the love of the Father, even though he had worked many miracles on behalf of the people. The blind to see, the lame to walk and the dead raised. They were looking for something else, and so Jesus left. Truly the saddest words in the whole of scripture. "Jesus then left them and went away".

Are we causing Jesus to leave? Before we say anything, consider they also had the word of God. The problem was they didn't understand what it meant. So they made there own standard. A tough standard, but not God's. The mind of men is no substitute for the revelation of God. The Word of God stood in there midst, to give them understanding. It was contary to them and they rejected him. The yeast of the Pharisees is still around. You don't think so? Okay, how about a test?

Do you ever say your weak? Have you ever said your catching a flu? What about, I can't, or I'm afraid? Do you say, I'm worried? Weak? "The Lord is the strength of my life"! Flu, "Himself took my infirmities, and bear my sicknesses"! I can't, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"! Fear, "God hath not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind"! Worry, "Casting all my cares upon him who careth for me"! You see by any of these statement we are contradicting God, and what he has said. Rejecting truth.

These are simple truths. Yet we see how easy it is to greive God by our rejecting his truth. There are weightier issues. The healing of the sick, the faith healers. God is the only one who is interested in healing the sick. Does anyone really think it's of the devil? The devil is a murderer, a liar, and a thief. There is no good in him. Jesus said if the devil casts out the devil, his house is divided, and cannot stand. I believe Jesus. He's the original and still only faith healer. He now uses his body (the church) to carry on his work. I don't care if he anoints Ronald McDonald to heal the sick. I'll pray and support Ronald!

The weightest issue of all is the Holy Spirit. The speaking in tongues has half the church divided. Listen to the scriptures, it's a gift of the Holy Spirit. If God has me bray like a donkey, or crow like a rooster, or scream like a wild bird, I don't care. I'll do it! The Lord is a rewarder of those who obey him. If it doesn't suit you, pray for God to change your mind! Because the alternative is, "Jesus left them, and went away".

The simple truth of the matter is you get the Jesus you preach. If you preach salvation, Jesus will honor his word and save. If you preach a saving, healing Jesus, he will surely save and heal. If you preach a saving, healing, baptising in the Holy Ghost and fire Jesus, he will accomplish that as well. If you preach that all things are possible with God, THEN JESUS WILL LIVE THERE!

Friday, March 11, 2005

More than Before

In my previous posts I have upset a lot of religious ideas. I evangelized without a covering (church). I prayed for the sick, and they recovered. I've taken authority over devils, and they fled. I started my own church, because no church would recieve the help from the Lord. I've decided to relate one more story to make a clean sweep of the rest of the ideas of religion.

When I was an evangelist in Califorina, I was staying at a pastors home. I had ministered in his church in Medesto on several occasions. At this time I was looking into buying a motorhome. That way I could save on expenses. I could have meals, bed, and a place to be alone. In this way I wouldn't be any burden to anyone. And would be able to go to small, or remote churchs.

So he and I went to see some dealers that he knew. There is a wide variety of layouts and sizes. From the very plush to the bare necessities. There were a couple that I was interested in that would fill all my needs. We talked to the sales-person and came to a good price for a couple that I especially liked. As we got into the details we ran into a snag. As an evangelist I had no address. That in itself was not the problem. The problem was that it would require a large amount of down payment to work the deal. To large of an amount! I didn't have that much money!

We went back to the pastors home. While talking to him, he was a good friend and brother in Christ, I made a decision. The money I had was not enough, and was doing me no good. So I gave his church a check for 1200 dollars. That was all the money I had except for $50. He tried to change my mind, as a friend. But I insisted that I'd rather give it to the Lord, than have it serve no purpose. He accepted.

When I had ministered in his church the people were always generous and took "love offerings". On this trip I was not ministering, but resting. Before the week was over, I had 5 different people search me out and place in my hand a check for 1,000 dollars!! I was overwhelmed. The Lord knows I gave to honor Him. And He honored me with a show of love that translated into the abundance of His blessing!

When people ask me what I think of tithing I am reminded of this abundance of the Lord. There is no better financial advisor than God! If you ever give any money to anyone other than God, and His work, you are cheating yourself of His rich reward. He will prosper you, if He knows you will honor Him. That is the last of the sacred idols that I can think of at this time. We have this; Christ redeemed us from the curse. "He became poor, so that through His poverty, we might become rich".

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cure for the Common Cold

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with the symptoms of a very sore throat and flu. I told this thing that it had no authority to attach itself to my body. I spoke to it and commanded it to leave, in the name of Jesus. I said, no I'm not accepting this and you'll have to leave. Then I went back to sleep.

Now at 4 in the morning I'm no spiritual giant. I didn't feel like my words had a lot of weight. I have learned that if I will stand on the word of God, the Lord will perform the work. He has told us to resist the devil, and he will flee from us. Devil or flu, same difference. It's a work of the devil, not God.

This morning when I woke up I was completely well. No sore throat, no cough, no stiffness in my breathing, no sign at all of any ailment period. Thank you Lord. It was not my great faith, it is my great Lord. There is always victory in God!

I will tell you of an experience I had in Dallas about 10yrs ago. I woke up with the worst cold I had ever seen. My nose was continual running, my eyes were running, and my throat was full of junk. I was a mess. I was still the same believer as I am now. I walked around and rebuked that thing. I told it to leave in the name of Jesus. I quoted scripture to it, and remimded God of his promises to perform his word. And still this thing persisted. It acted like it was deaf or something. None of this had any effect.

Now I'm not anyone special, but when I know I'm the winner, I'm not going to give up my victory. I won't be denied. So this is what I did, I called two of my best christian friends. We all went to the same church. This was a church that always had the gifts of the Spirit in manifestations of healing, and revelation. When I called I simply ask them to meet me for a meal and we chose a resturant close to the three of us, I didn't tell them anything about this bout with this cold.

It took an other hour to meet them, I'd already put up with this for several hours. When I finally got to the table, I started recounting the wonders of the works and healings of the Lord that we all had seen. These friends were a lot like me, and they jumped right in and started to relate other works of God. In there lives and in others they knew. We had a joyful meal, with the wonders of the love of God, (we also ate). From the time I got to the table and I opened my mouth and started rejoicing in the works of God. THE COLD WAS COMPETLY GONE. I never even sniffed. My eyes were clear, my nose was clear, and my throat was clear. It never returned. This cold was history, it was out of there, gone. That's the gospel truth. And the truth of the power of the gospel.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Casting our Cares

This is a beautiful truth. That we can go to the Father with all the cares and leave them there. Knowing that He has the wisdom and power to bring about the right solutions at the right time. Jesus said, "come unto me and I will give you rest". This passage includes the temperal; cloths, food, and lodging. This includes everything that is necessary in life. It is a different way of living. The example of by our own thought or effort we cannot change the color of our hair.

As christians our life should be care-free. We are not to be as those who don't know the Lord. They are anxious about everything. The world is a perplexing place for anyone who doesn't know God. There is no rest for the world apart from Christ. This is evident in the news of today. It is what wars and unrest in the affairs of men demonstrates. The confusion of men blinded to the truth, leads to all manner of evil. These things should cause us to be sure to live according to the scripture.

What does the scripture tell us to do? "This is the work of God, that you believe on the Son". Believe! That is the work of God. To believe that God is able to provide, enable, and motivate. To show us the way to walk in all situations. To instruct us to truths. To deliver us from snares. To set us in our high places in Him. How? By Faith! Only Believe. Our believing God gives Him opportunity to move on our behalf. Stand in Faith. And see the salvation of the Lord.

What then is our priority? "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness. And all these things shall be added unto you". Pray! Believe that God is a REWARDER of those who seek Him. Simply pray and obey. There is no other way. To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey! It's that simple. Not strive to earn spiritual brownie points. Not work to impress God. Not to join every meeting that is available. Not even to spend all your time in study.

It is way to simple. The foolish to confound the wise. Pray and obey. Spend your time with God. Let Him show you what to do, how to do it, and when. Then you'll have good success. You won't be wearing yourself out for nothing. You labor will be fruitful, and joy will be your portion. The Spirit of the Lord is the fountain of life. The Spirit will enable, empower, and supply whatever is needed. Five words in your own understanding,"be led by the Spirit". Man is not capable of doing the work of God.

Our work is to believe that God is capable!

Believe the report. God is able. I AM, what ever you need. I AM you life. I AM going to complete that which I began in You. Only Believe! It's the way you began, "for by grace are you saved, through faith, and that not of yourself, it is the gift of God". It is all a work of grace, from beginning to end. Let that gift of faith work, and pray, talk to the Father, and tell him you are confident in His ability to work in you that which is pleasing in His sight. And then enter into the rest of the Lord. Go as He directs, be led, not pushed by the system of the world. Wait on Him, let Him speak to you; this is the way walk in it!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Having Begun in the Spirit

It's amazing to me how we who are born-again by the Spirit seems inclined to fall for the working of the flesh as a substitute for what only the Spirit can accomplish. The word of God can only be a work of the Spirit. We are called partakers of the life of God. Did we partake mentally or spiritually? For myself I recieved the life, then by the word, the explaination of what had already transpired. The understanding to this day is not complete, but the life is complete.

As an example I'll take a page out of T.L. Osborns book. T.L. Osborn was an evangelist to the nations of the world through the middle of the 20th century. He preached to mulitudes of primitive people of the interiors of dark nations. The power of God to heal and deliever was always present in his meetings. The meetings were in open fields, with a platform, and wires were strung on poles to speakers. He spoke, and then his interperter would speak. His meetings drew at times over 100 thousand people. He would pray en mass for the people. Hundreds and thousands recieved all manner of manifestations of the power of God. The deaf heard, the blind saw, the broken were healed, and the oppressed were delivered! I would recommend anyone to find his books, and see what God hath wrought.

Here is the story of a lady; when she was born her family took her to the tribual elder. They are in authority to determine the destiny of the people. This person told her family that she was to be a beggar. So they broke her bones and deformed her to make her pitiful. Years later at T.L.'s service the Lord totally healed and straightened her body. She came to the platform and gave her testimony, with other witnesses who knew her. After her praise and thanks she made this remarkable comment. I WILL BE THE BEST BEGGAR JESUS EVER HAD. Think about that, we may smile at such a comment, but she had no bible or other teaching. Consider this, are we much farther ahead? She knew who straightened and healed and saved her. She felt the hand of God move on her behalf. Can we say we know the power of God to the degree as she? Do we really know the ways of the Lord much better? Does the power of God minister in our services?

Doesn't the warning to the Laodicean apply today as well. "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing. But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shamefull nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see. Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest, and repent".

Consider Paul's prayers for the Ephesians. "Asking the Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparable great power for us who believe.

In all of this prayer of the Spirit, there is only one work to do, BELIEVE. The fellowship I have with the Lord is not a dry or intellectual pursuit, it's my heart to His and His heart to mine. There is of course time for study, and for meditation. They are much richer when in the atmosphere of heaven. The Lord in prayer will make things clear, and my knowledge is increased. But I don't talk to the Lord to be smart, I want to know Him.

In the church I had in Florida, there was a season of about 6 months where I never preached a sermon. We started the praising when we came in the door, and all the time was taken up with worship and drawing into the presence of God. What can you say when God shows up. You'll be to occupied with worship to say anything. There is no need, from the least to the greatest knew they were in the presence of the Lord. The needs of the body were all meet, and all were blessed and filled with the wonder of His love. And I never had to say a thing, that's what I call Church. The only speaking was encouragement to draw nearer to the Lord. Some may doubt that this is possible, call on the Lord, and see for yourself. If you look in Acts, it's called "ministring unto the Lord". Why would anyone go to a church were God doesn't show up?

The presence of the Lord is what is needed. Wheather in the heart of the preacher, the body of believers, or in our daily life. The way to His presence is in praise and worship in talking (prayer) one on one to Him. That's why I love the gift of tongues, I can plug into magnifying the Lord at all times, that is one of the ways according to scripture.

Once while driving I got so full of God, that fire started rising up from the souls of my feet, and went all the way through me to the top of my head. It wasn't a burning as in pain, but a fire of energy and warmth and life. I couldn't hold still, my legs were bouncing and I was full of energy. So I stopped and drank a couple cups of coffee until the fire supsided. The Lord also gave me understanding about a situation I had been facing. There are many ways the Lord would move on our behalf, if we will let God be God, and we just believe.

I get upset with people who through ignorance of the spiritual reduce God to logic and reason. Yes God is logical, but He is Spirit, and works by the spirit. The anointing for office, pastor, teacher, prophet, evangelist, and apostle are spiritual gifts. They don't come from an institiution, they only come from God. They are spiritual, not carnal, not a gift of a mind. Not an eloquent speaker, but a fire from God. It makes more sense to take a shower with your clothes on, than to stand clothed in a pulpit naked of an anointing!

There is a weath of gifts and wonders of God yet to be given and revealed to his body. The arm of the Lord is not shortened. If we will seek Him and worship and place Him first of importance in our lives we will see the glory of God in our midst. The more we know of God, the more we will want of Him. The way is prayer and faith that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. The work is the Lord's. He will be faithful to complete the work in us. And we will know Him! Of this much I am sure, the experiences and fellowship I've had with the Lord are worth more than all the wealth of the nations. I want more with Him!