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Love my country, my family, my friends, and above all the Lord Jesus. I was raised in the Northest, and have also lived in California; Florida; and Texas; as an evangelist and pastor. I have traveled a lot, and have made a lot of friends, and been of some help to a few people, for which I am grateful.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Better Way

Jesus said, "the Comforter will come, and lead you into all truth". The infilling Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues has brought up this question;
is there an advantage to speaking to God when you don't know what you are saying? ..what is it that you get through the experience of praying in tongues that I do not get through silence in prayer?
There is a inward stiring, the voice is yours (read it carefully; "THEY all spoke with tongues,), and an inward listening and drawing or pulling forth of flow of the Spirit within. Speaking forth the sounds preceived in the inner man. The sounds, or language, is the Spirits, giving utterance for you to speak. I'll insert a previous post here.

Next, I know one of the main purposes man was created is to worship God. The gift of tongues is always associated with worship and praise of God. The Lord inhabit's the praises of his people. So if your looking for the presence of the Lord in your midst, or in your own life, this is definately the way. As for silent prayer. Why would I be silent when I can boldly speak forth his praise, and enter his presence? The only time is around those who have not this knowledge. Then I pray (under my breath) not to offend. I'd like you to review another short post, here.

This experience has lead me to believe that we have underestimated the Lord's involvement in our lives. I grew up in a church where God seemed far away. There were no gifts, or manifestations of God. He was represented as someone who you will have to deal with in the sweet by and by. My God is here, and active, and loving, and involved and eager to teach, heal, deliver, and to bless with joy, love, right thinking, and the power to live right and free from all fear and all harm, and over anything that can be named. Through the power of His name, that is above all names.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Yielding part 2

The response from my last post has brought an issue I feel needs to be addressed. This is a portion of the comment;
rev-ed said,'ve put me in an interesting situation as you seem to be saying that if I do not speak in tongues then I am not indwelt by the Holy Spirit. If that is the case, then how biblically can you prove such a thing?
I will be glad to answer this. I also would ask a question. As a believer in Jesus who has been born again, and baptized into one Spirit with him; who told you that you could not speak in tongues? I submit that all who have received the Spirit may speak with tongues. By what authority? The words of Jesus;
He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach he good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well." Mark 16:15
Here is the word that not only can they, but they will. Your doctrine may not believe it, your head may not agree with it, but the Spirit in you can't deny himself. I see a phenomenon in churchs every week. The pastors have labored with prayer and study. They seek the Lord's direction and blessing on the flock. They go over their outline looking diligently for ways to improve the delievery, to find some way to make it memorable. Then they pour there hearts into the preaching. In the preaching the Lord will stir deeply in their hearts and touch them, you can see the eyes moisten, you can here the voice quiver, you can see there posture change, and you know something deep is in the works.

Then what happen? They stop, they choke it back, they get a drink of water, or wipe their brow. Any thing to distract until they can regain composure, and control. Why? They didn't understand that the Spirit of God showed up to answer their prayer. To bring forth that blessing of the Lord in their midst. They haven't learned to yeild to the Spirit. Preacher if crying comes out of your mouth in this situation, then cry with all your might. If some unarticulate language comes out then shout it. You can give yourself over to God the Spirit. He will bring God's will to pass, yeild. Get beyond yourself and let God take over. You can't get beyond Him. And you will speak in tongues, and prophecy. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of phophesy.

I know from my own experience that yeilding to the leading of the Spirit results in blessing. And from history, there were two in England who would yield to God. With crying, and tears, and great humility, with groaning, and suplication to God. These two brought a revival to the whole nation. So my brothers we are more gifted than we at first believed. And the Lord will be glorified.

Monday, May 23, 2005


This is the requirement for growth. You can be in an oasis of the out-pouring of God's blessing and not get a thing. Or you can be filled with wonder and awe at the power and goodness of God. The difference is to yeild, to leave off your ability to understand with your mind. To enter into something you've never seen or experienced. Jesus was always doing something that the people couldn't understand, your mind is not your guide, it's your servant. Tell it to hold it's peace, and learn something. The Lord will not work according to your head.

Do you want to grow? I mean do you really want God? Are you willing to believe that He knows better than you. Then yield. There are a whole lot of God's people who don't believe that God still works wonders by the Spirit. That the gifts have been done away. I ask where is that in the word? It's not. These are babe's, they can not grow to maturity, they lack spiritual discernment. God loves them, but they have to be cared for, they can't perceive the greater works of God. Yes, they have intellectual knowledge, but little experience with the working of God.

Are you angry with me, is this my plan, or God's. Did God say he chooses the foolish to confound the wise? Will you be foolish enough to believe Him? I am. The first evidence of the indwelling spirit is "tongues". If you can't accept that then how will you accept the greater gifts? This gift will teach you not to rely on your mind. Your mind will not understand, and will fight you, saying, "this is foolish". Yes it is foolish to the mind, but the wisdom of God to speak his will into your life. Learn to yeild to this gift, and to make your mind submit to the word of God. And to exercise your spirit, and grow thereby. To strengthen your faith in God. And build your self up in the spirit. To who is this gift, to everyone who believes.

Let's get past this, ask the Lord to help you with this, and grow to maturity. The gift of prophesy, or the gift of tongues with interpetation, is vital to the work of the Lord. We are all aware of how the Lord works, He speaks, and it comes into being. He speaks and it stands fast. The word of the Lord is the enabling of what is spoken, and his way of working. By this gift we are co-laborers in the work of the kingdom. God has tied himself to man to do his work, he will not act independent of us the church. "The Lord God does nothing without first revealing His secret to His servants the prophets" Amos 3:7. The prophet is the voice, the word is the Lord's.

There is also gifts of healings, working of miracles, the gift of faith, the descerning of spirits, word of knowledge, and the word of wisdom. The Lord would have us to grow where we are comfortable with His gifts. And able to understand what He would have us doing. I know His ways are right, and powerful, enabling us to work in His kingdom. The Lord said, "not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, sayeth the Lord".

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tug on Superman's Cape

While I admit there is no superman, the concept of "tugging on His (Jesus) cape" is very valid. One time in Texas I was in need of a "word in season" from the Lord. There were a lot of confusing issues I had to face, and naturally I was clueless. So I went to a church that believed in the prophetic gifts. Now this is how amazing the Lord is, they were being taught how to flow in the spirit. And the topic for the night was prophesy.

I was the only one who was unknown to this body. So they asked if I could be the target of the words of the Spirit. So instead of getting one word from the Lord, I got a word from everyone! They were all wrote down and prayerfully done. Then there was a couple who were traveling ministers that had a prophetic gift, with song. As they were singing I started to ernestly seek God, to draw on Him. How? Desire, with faith, that He would use this couple to bless this body. By "pulling" on the anointing that was operating.

The couple started to speak great mystery's of the fullness of the plans of God. Their words were like fire in my belly. I mean a burning, and energizing, and alive with fire. They spoke and I continued to draw on God's anointing, it went on for some time, perhaps twenty minutes. I was on fire inside, a great swelling, life giving, energizing flow of the power of God, in my belly. I can't tell you want they said, it was all to wonderful for my mind to grasp, but my spirit understood!

Jesus said, "where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst". If we will take this truth and apply it, one person can "tug on Jesus cape (the anointing)" and he can bring the manifest presence of God on the scene. I know it works. I have a lady friend in Texas who draws on God in meetings with a cute little squeal. God hears her squeal and comes in to bless her, she can draw Him in the dryest places. If you and another will team up and desire God, and pull on His anointing in your services, you will be blessed, and amazed, and filled with the fire and presence of the Lord. And your church will say "we don't know what happened, but the Lord was here".

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Is it My Turn

I went to a ministers meeting a few years ago, while going the Lord spoke to me a teaching to give at the service. Now I didn't ask for it, I wasn't looking for a pulpit. I was simply a member of this body, and was going for the fellowship. The vice-president was the speaker. He's a Godly man, of authority in an organization of penecostal churchs and ministers.

The "gift of prophesy" was manifest during his sermon. He spoke of something that he was unaware of and had no knowledge of in the natural. Speaking of something yet to come. Which did happen. When I asked him about it months later, he replied, "I never said any of that or know anything about it." In other words, he spoke and was not aware of what he said. The statement was quite extensive and referred to other places. In whole it would fill a paragraph. And yet, he didn't know he said any of it!

His sermon lasted over three hours. Finally, he gave a call to the altar for any with needs. And he open the floor for anyone who had a witness. I then told the congregation what the Lord had spoken to me, it took two or three minutes. After that he was going to pray for the people at the alter, but all the people had there answer, and there weren't any who now needed prayer. They all already had their answer. Why, because of the anointing of the Spirit on that word.

So here are leaders of the church. Doing the will of God. And yet, to receive from the Lord the word in season that he had for them, I had to wait over three hours! Now I've been in services where the Lord starts moving and no one leaves. As a matter of fact, time seems to stand still, and hours mean nothing. At these meeting with the Lord, there is no preaching, but a lot of prophesy of the Glory of the Lord. And songs of the wonders of the Fathers love. With great awareness of the Lord's presence, and love, and power.

This brings me to my focus. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God". This means the church assembly as well as the indivual. Paul in his letter spoke of the corporate body, each with a teaching, prophesy, song, or revelation. To be led by the Spirit and to do all orderly. It is clear to me that these are seeking God. Or how can we account for these things? It is presumption to speak for God, if God has not said. Even if it is the word of God, in that case there is not an anointing, or the authority of the Spirit.

I understand not all services are the same. The Sunday morning may be for the proclaiming of the Gospel to the unsaved. But there needs to be services that minister "to the Lord". To draw closer to him, to seek him, to follow his plans and purpose for that body. A service as Paul said where all are used of the Lord, and all may be encouraged. A time for growth of the members, and exercise of the spiritual gifts in the body. For revelations of the Spirit. And wisdom to know the time and season of God.

To know the Lord, this is the greatest need! To see him as he is, to see his glory. This was the prayer of Jesus. The prophets saw Him, and were overwhelmed for days. John saw Him, and fell as dead. The Israel nation saw his cloud, and the noise was heard for miles. The apostles saw his fire and were heard in the streets. I know of others who saw Him and evangelized the nations. Saul saw his light, and became Paul who "turned the world upside down". We also can see Him. And this is the goal in the mind of God. That we may know Him, not about Him, but to see Him as he is in His Glory. To astonish the world with His word, and His presence. So here is the verdict; God says now it is my turn, "I will come myself and the church will see my glory."

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Majoring on Minors

The majority of preaching that I here and see in our pulpits has forced me to write this as a protest. I ask you, when you leave church, do you feel more loved and accepted? Do you leave knowing that God is pleased with you? Has your confidence in your relationship with the Father filled your heart with joy? Are you more aware of the love of the Father? Do you leave knowing that the goodness and mercy of God will follow you? From the form of preaching I hear, I would say not.

I sometimes wonder if the preachers really know God. Not do they know about him, but have fellowship with him. I would hope so, but my Lord doesn't treat me like they preach. Is preaching something foreign to life? Or is it supposed to deal with life? With the reality of God with us, and in us, and for us. I for one think it should.

The vast amount of preaching deals with sin. By this the people can be subdued, and contained. Because no one is perfect, just ask your preacher, then your put in you place. To sit, to hear, to pay, to obey. To drive the bus, and whatever-else the church needs from you. After all you are committed to the church, aren't YOU? This is using the Holiness of God. Yes, God is Holy, and perfect.

God uses three words to describe Himself, light, life, and love. God is love. This is His nature, love. Not Holy. Although he is holy. Love is of God, it is God. Love is acceptance, and joy, and fellowship, encouragement. Preachers have majored on a minor, and ignored the very essence of God, love. We have been begot by the will of God. Not so he can whip us into shape. But so we can love him back. So we can share in his goodness, and walk with him in our life.

If you went to a relatives house and all they did was point out your faults, you would not look forward to returning. You may never darken their door again. How WRONG this is for the house that bears the name of the Lord! We are accepted in Jesus, and you preacher had better learn that and get over it. We are all made to stand by the same grace. And loved period.

I can hear the arguments, these things are necessary. Okay, then listen to my argument. Remember the joy and love you had at your salvation, when you accepted Jesus as Lord? What happened to that. I'll tell you what happened, it got preached out of you. You hear you weren't good enough. You hear you didn't know enough. You hear you had a lot of growing up to do. A lot of cleaning up and straightening up, and endless other things that God was holding against you, repent!

Hog-wash. The joy of your salavation was just the beginning, the sweet fellowship of belonging to God was just the tip of the iceberg. The whole of the mountain of God is yours to climb. And God wants that joy and fellowship to be that mountain, to be enlarged, to know him better, to contain the fullness of joy. To be sweeter and sweeter day by day. To grow closer hour by hour. To know him personally in ever increasing ways. This is the job of the preacher. To encourage the people into deeper walks with their Lord. To encourage the people to grow in trust in the love of their Father. To be the example of an intimate relationship with the Lord. So if you don't know him, seek him, and if you do, then tell the truth about His LOVE!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Reason for Faith

God is a faith being. To help let's define faith as; total confidence and ability. God revealed himself to Moses as; "I am that I am". We can state it; "I am ____ I am", and fill in the blank with what ever and everything that is in the creation by the will of God. He is all, and in all, and by him they have there existence. He was telling Moses, that I am all you need. I am your life, your nourishment, your supply for all things. God being a faith being, he sires children of faith. As it says, "my just shall walk by faith". The children also know God as the source of all, and have the same "total confidence in His ability."

This promise was to Moses; that God would be with him. As the writer of Hebrews states, we have a better convenant. We have not only the promise of His presence, but of His indwelling life. This is a world of difference. Now He himself is our ability and life, and all things to us and for us. His is our strenght, his is our love, his is our joy. His is our faith, our hope, our confidence. He is all things in us and to us. No matter what is needed or necessasary, he is the supply in us.

As it says, "let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich". The life that Jesus is now living is ours. The glorified, exalted, life of the Lord of Lords. Doesn't scripture bear this testimony? Yes, Paul spoke; Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who Can You Trust

The first man and woman were tested in this; to believe what God said, or to believe a lie. Not by God, but by his enemy, Satan. They failed, and man died (was separated from the life of God), and death in the flesh became his portion (separation from his body). The lie was that God was with-holding something, it was an attack on the character of God.

In our present day it is still the same. The way to God is by faith (trust) in what God has said. The same test that Adam and Eve had, to either believe God, or perish. The lie is still the same, that God can't be trusted. It is an attack on the character of God.

The life of God that was forfieted by Adams fall has always been available by trust. Adam was provided a covering by God. The lion skin for his body was for the redemtion of the flesh, and the life of the lion as a sacrifice of the innocent for the guilty, in a type of God's own redemtion for the soul that sins. That was yet to be accomplished in Jesus the Lion of Judah. Spoken to them by God, "the seed of the woman will crush the head of the serpent, and he shall bruise his heel".

So even though man failed, God did not fail man. The bible is God's record of his unfailing faithfulness toward man. And the record of man's failure totally and completely. In it we see, "Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness."

This is the present reality, the love and faithfulness of God, through the life he offers to those who believe in his Son, or perish in your refusal to trust God, and instead believe in lies. Let me tell you this, no one, not even yourself wants the best for you more than God. And no one is more able to satisfy you than the Father who loves you, and earnestly desires you to trust in Him. He is not with holding any thing from us, he even gave his Son to die in our place, to bear away our sins, and will freely give us the resurection life in Jesus in our lives. Then we are his sons, and heirs to his glorious kingdom.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Follow Me

The walk of the disciples started when they followed Jesus. Then for the next three or more years they waited on him for direction. The leader was always Jesus. He didn't ask them what they thought needed to be done. Except to test their understanding, as with feeding the five thousand. Here we have a principal of submission. He leads, we follow. He directs, we do. He speaks, and we gain understanding.

Throughout this time the disciples learned that his ways were not their ways. He always knew where to go, what to do, and how to do it. They were amazed at his wisdom, power, and love. Of one thing they were sure, he was in charge, not them. After the cross and resurrection, he told them to wait for the Holy Spirit to be with them and to empower them.

In our day it is popular to have power. But I think that the disciples were not so much looking for the power as they were looking for a leader! I think we have it wrong, and the apostles had it right. We need leading more than power. Not that we don't need the power, but we desperately need leading. The power is the Lord's anyway, not ours.

Of what use is unbridled power, would you hold a live electric wire to have power? The power has to be harnessed for a purpose to be used. The Spirit will not go around blowing things up, he will not give his power to use as we see fit, we are not that smart. He uses his power for his purpose and will, as he wants, not as we want. Yes, the power is available, but so is the leading.

I can only imagine, but I think I am right. The disciples were awaiting to be lead, to have the Spirit teach as Jesus said. To look for the Spirit, as they looked to Jesus. And get direction, and know what to do, when to do it, and understanding of how to do it. Just like Jesus. They waited on Him. Other wise they were disconnected, and didn't know the way to go.

I would be natural for them by this time. After three years of waking up and looking around to see if Jesus was up, or if he had gone off somewhere. There were many times they had to go look for him, as he never did what they expected. So too, they would look to the Spirit, to see what he said, to get direction for the present time. I don't think they would have moved, until the Spirit said to. Their day was spent in communion with the Lord. Wheather with Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. Their walk was one of fellowship. To fellowship with God was the whole purpose.

Jesus could have came and did the work, and fulfilled the will of God all by himself. He didn't need any help to do the work. Why then the disciples? God desires fellowship, he wants and likes our company. And loves to share who he is with us, so that we may desire him as well. So that we walk with him. So that we talk with him. So that we know him, even as he knows us. So that we share our lives and receive his life. To exchange our limited views, for his unlimited glory.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Deliever us from Fear

I havn't seen this but I hear it is accurate. A snake can kill a bird. It happens that if a bird lands on a branch of a bush. And a snake see's it he slithers over to where the bird is purched. Then when the bird see's the snakes eyes staring at him, the bird is accually paralyzed with fear, until he falls to his death as a prey to the snake.

This a how the devil works. Jesus has defeated him. Yet the church world is full of fear. He has no power just threats. The Lord said we would have tribulation, but to be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. I would paraphrase it this way; there will be those who will come against you, but I will scatter them, and you will continue in my joy and victory. Again, you will eat of my table in the presence of you enemies, and goodness and mercy will be your portion.

In our beginning of life we were slave to the fear of death. Now we are free in the eternal life of God. Give no place to fear, it will paralyze your life. God wants us to grow in confidence of His delievering and keeping power. To be far from fear, trusting in the goodness and mercy of God. Fear was the result of sin in Adam who hid from the presence of God. Jesus has removed that fear, and we now have fellowship with the Father.

So let us keep our eyes on Jesus. The world will be in dispare, and confusion, and fear, but we have the victory in Christ. Even our faith. Force yourself to live free from fear. The violent take it by force. Jesus asked, "will I find faith when I return?" He will if we refuse to fear. Faith and fear are like magnets, they have attracting power. Job said, "what I feared came upon me". And Jesus said, "according to your faith be it unto you."

See that your faith is not turned to fear. Such was the faith of Peter when walking on the water. He took his eyes off the word to "come", and seeing the waves and the storm began to sink. Determine to walk by the word, and refuse to look around, and finish your course with JOY!

Make Disciples

This is the final command recorded in Matthew. The starting point of the church.
Then Jesus came to them and said. "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."
First Jesus explains that He has authority over all. The foundation of asking and receiving, binding and loosing. We have not yet grasped the scope of this truth.

The baptizing is not only of water to be seen of men as an act of acceptance of the rule of God, but also immersion into the body of Christ by the Spirit. Hebrews speaks of these baptizisms.

The teaching can then be friutful having recieved the Holy Spirit. This is the area of the church that needs our attention. We are to teach the whole council of Jesus, and to obey (do) them. This study and application of the word to our lives will produce fruit of the kingdom of God. The word produces faith in God. Faith in God in our actions produces the acts of God. The acts of God will produce fruit, more disciples, for the increase of the kindgom.

This is the super-natural result of being disciples. The Lord saying this, "surely I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Jesus is not here to take a break from His work, but to continue His work through us. So if we are not now fruitful we need to check our teaching to be sure we have not left out what Jesus put in. And to be sure our fellowship with the Lord is secure, and vibrant and alive.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

The most wonderful people in the world, our's mother's. Pray that God would fill your hearts and lives with His blessings, even as you have filled our lives with your love and lives.

Jeannie from Angel wiv Attitude has tagged me to pick four of these accupations and tell what I would do if I could be these things. Here's the list;

If I could be a scientist... a farmer... a musician... a doctor... a painter... a gardener... a missionary... a chef... an architect... a linguist... a psychologist... a librarian... an athlete... a lawyer... an inn-keeper... a professor... a writer... a llama-rider... a bonnie pirate... an astronaut... a world famous blogger... a justice on any one court in the world... married to any current famous political figure.

My answers; an astronaut, not a present day one though, a futureistic one. One who could travel in a personal suit, no ship necessary. One who traveled at the speed of desire, not limited to natural law. The be able to see the milky way, and be there, to take a white water raft ride down the swirls and waves and twists and turns. To spin like a top on the rings of Saturn. To be shot from the Archer's bow into the far-out galaxy's, and roam the forests of distant planets. To reach the outer frontier, and watch God form new suns and planets and mega-galaxy's. It's a good life to be an astronaut.

A musician and to that add the writer; to make the most moving of play's and opera's and story's of aventure and of love. To spell bind the audience to the wonderful tales of heroics, and peril and danger. To captivate the people with the sounds of fear and of overcoming victory. To cause Mozart to turn green with envy, and say "I wish I'd wrote that".

An architect; to build palace's and castle's and fill the country side with villas and grand mansions. To make vast spacious rooms and abundant closets, with stairways reaching from one end to the other.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Testimony of the Spirit

There appears to be more interest in Holy Spirit experiences and discussion on teaching. To place more posts for inspection I have two previous post in the Archives, for anyone interested. If I knew how I would link them. Anyway; February the 8th, "It's all in There, part 2". And February the 9th, "They will Speak with New Tongues". Feel free to comment.

Who Will Be Greatest

In several discussions on the .net. This has come up in a different form. The question of a two or more tier system of being, "better, closer, or more connected". While it may be true we are all equally loved, we are not all equally gifted. We each have our own place in the body, and that is where we fit, and not in another place. I'm sure that each of us has this same desire, to find and fulfill our place in the body.

The Lord has placed Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teachers in the body to bring it to maturity. So we can all know and fulfill our place. So we can all know the fulness of the love of God, and each share in His presence, pleasure, and goodness. But we are not there yet.

I personally am glad to find a person who has a more intimate relationship with God. I can learn more from them. If I were content with my own little revelation and knowledge, then I would stop growing. I'm not yet satisfied with my stature, I need to grow. I need people to show me the way. I need people who understand the mysteries of God. Let me find a man who has climbed the mountain of God. Then I will gain understanding, then I will know as I am known.

Then I conclude that there is a two or more tier system. Is it God's fault? No, God is impartial, there is no shadow of turning with Him. What then is it? Fear! Consider Moses. All Isreal was at the foot of the mountain of God. God desired all the people to know Him. He desired all the people to come up the mountain. For all to hear Him. To be their God in intimacy. But the people would not. Fear. Fear stopped them. Why didn't it stop Moses? Moses also feared, and shook. But it didn't stop him. It couldn't stop him because he "knew God". He knew that God was there to deliever, not to harm. He knew that God would bless them and make them His people.

This is what Moses learned of God in the "burning bush", he learned the nature of God. He learned the mercy of God. He learned the love of God. It's the love of God that drives out all fear. When we get a revealation of the love of God, then we are free of fear. Then we will climb the mountain of God. Then when we speak He will answer. Then when He speaks, we will hear. Then we will have His presence with us in power. Then our enemies will be scattered. And we will be blessed above all the people's of the earth. Fear not, trust in the Lord, and lean not to your own understanding.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

There is some discussion on the blog-us-sphere around this experience. I have been a recepient of the infilling, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. I will not address the issue on the intellectual level. That of agruing or answering questions. I will simply tell you of the results in my life to this point.

While in these discussions the role of the emotions has been one of question. I submitt that Jesus also displayed intense emotion. He weep, he lept for joy, he was deeply griefed, and so on. For myself when in communion with the Spirit, I also have experienced weeping, great joy, and the power of His might in the inner man. And many other ways. This is all according to the will of the Father, revealed in scripture, "he restoreth my soul". The emotions belong in the realm of the soul.

The greatest blessing of this is the deep awareness of the Lord in me, and the love that He brings to bear upon my heart. In times of prayer (praying in other tongues) the Spirit will move on and in me to directions of His choosing, and enlighten my mind to what He is doing. For the mind doesn't understand the language, but the Spirit gives knowledge to my spirit so I may understand. Not always then, nor every time I pray, but as I have need of encouragement or knowledge and direction.

This is an attempt to use an analogy: suppose you wanted to find something on the inter-net. But didn't know the address, you would submit it to a search engine. God is the same, praying in other tongues is God's search engine. To find the will of God and speak it forth into your life. Without this gift, you are greatly hindered in fulfilling God's will for your life, or to help those to whom you are sent. You will have to search it all out on your own. If you can find it!

Scripture bears this out, "you know not how to pray, nor what you ought. But the Spirit maketh intercessions on your behalf". For me the beauty is that by the Holy Spirit I am a partaker of the life that Christ gives. Also Paul said it is the giving of thanks, and I love to worship God. His presence affects every area of my being and life. It quickens, and give life to all my members. He takes the things of God and shows them to and in me. And I become a living epistle.