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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Unlimited Power and Ability

Have you seen the movie Aladdin? The Gene makes a comment about his awesome ability and then his tiny little home (the lamp). I want to use this as an allegory to God and His way of providing for the church. We all know the manifest power of God displayed through-out the universe. No one questions the amount of power and wisdom in use to light the heavens. It is evident to all, even heathens. This is a sampling of the awesome-ness of the Creator God. As far as man can see and beyond God has displayed His ability.

So at this point we all agree; God is capable of doing, making, or performing great and mighty works. These works all testify to His Majesty.

Now we come to a remarkable discovery. This Creator God has made a way for the least of His people to make a demand on His awesome power. This is more remarkable than a lamp with a Gene. This is the truth of God. And God Himself has made this way, and not man. But there is ONLY ONE WAY. The tiny little opening into the unlimited ability of God.

This way is Jesus the Christ; the resurrected Lord and savior of all men. Known to His chosen church. Revealed by the Holy Spirit. And living with-in the hearts of those who have put there faith and trust in Him. These are now children of God and accepted by the wisdom of God brought forth in His salvation by His dear Son, Jesus.

This is the way; by the faith of God that is in Christ. This faith is the product of the Spirit of God. The essence of God. This is the faith that Jesus spoke of in His declarations of the "Kingdom of God". By this living faith deposited with-in His body the church. The same Spirit that was in and with Jesus in manifesting the signs, wonders, and miracles through-out His ministry. This is the testimony that is the signature of God in verifing the Glorifcation of Jesus to the right hand of God. To the position of all things being made subject to Him. Investing in the name of Jesus all authority and power to us-ward who believe.

This is the good news; that God in grace through Jesus has extended to us all His resources by faith; and by faith alone. By this I mean the faith of Christ. Not a mental assent or a mind set, but an absolute certainty settled in the spirit of any man to the truth of God. For example; this is the way you were saved. Having begun in Christ this way, we are instructed to continue to walk in this way, the way of from faith to faith, and from glory to glory, and strength to strength.

We all agreed on the last point about the power of God. Can you also now believe that it's available to all of us with-in the body of Christ, the church. Can we grasp that God wants to display His grace and love and goodness to us and through us to destroy ALL the works of the devil. From the least to the greatest. From all the wiles and plagues of man. This is a God fact, and reported by all the Apostles in all the writtings of scripture. All things are possible, only believe. And to him that believeth all things are possible. It is Christ in you the hope of Glory.

What then do we need? Nothing, it is all provided in Christ Jesus. What we lack is understanding of what has already been provided for us in Christ. Men sell vitamins with the claim that; "It's in there". The truth is what-ever we could ever need from now until eternity has been given to us already in Christ. Of a truth in Christ; "It's in there". Forever, Amen.

I want to dedicate this post to my good friends that I've meet on the net. Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words. You are appreciated. Be Blessed. Be Filled with the Spirit. Be Strong in the Lord.