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Friday, October 26, 2007

Faith is not Enough

First we have been confessing the word of God. Forming a renewed mind that thinks in line with the Word. We have used our mind to cast down falsehood. We have understanding into the ways of God. And yet we have not gotten a full victory in every area of our lives. What's up with that?

Faith is not enough!!

Faith has to have accompaning Works. Faith is the action taken on the word. The action on the word is the proof of faith. And by it the manifestation. With-out the manifestation the word is not complete. Or to put it another way. Is dead!

You can love Jesus, go to church, pay tithes, and sing like a bird. That's all good but, to grow in faith you need the word to manifest in your life. I know of whole church's who do all these things, and don't know the moving of the Spirit from a pep rally at a football game! To them it looks the same.

We must become familiar with the Spirit. To do this you must pray in the spirit. Yes, to pray in "other tongues". Sound like foolishness, or like a emotional frenzy? Well, it's not a pep rally. It's a God given, God blessed, God energized, God moving, God revealing, God ordained gift from the Almighty, to all believers, everywhere, for all time, in all nations, in all ages, till Jesus comes.

If this makes you think that it's just a passing fad, an emotional error, or "these who know nothing of the law" and are being mislead. Then you are spiritually blind. Just who is man to tell God how to do things. God's ways are too wonderful for man. But the children, the babes, they will know God and his leading. In God not the greatest receive grace, but the humble, the least, the lowly, and the outcast. These will gladly obey God and be greatly used and blessed.

By praying in the spirit, they will understand the moving of God and do exploits. They will receive revelation about the times and seasons. The gifts of God will be open to them. The work and the word of God will prosper in their life. The blessing of the Lord will be upon them and all men shall see the goodness of God over their comings and going.

Be one of them! You are chosen in Christ. You are filled with his Spirit. You are the "royal prieshood". You are His body, His beloved, His chosen. Be what you are! All things are your's, and all Christ is, He is in you. You come behind in nothing. Be the vessel that God said you are, and show forth the Glory of God in your life!


Blogger james hastings said...

Great comment. Good to hear this being stated so clearly.

Blessings from the UK

8:45 AM  
Blogger pete porter said...

Hello James,
Welcome, thanks for stopping by. The scripture that I love to gauge by is "not in the wisdom of man, but the power of God".

9:02 PM  

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