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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Imagine That

I found a quote that should be on everyone's refrigerator.

"Faith is not believing God can; it's knowing God will" Ben Stein

I would venture to say most of the church is hesitant to move out of their comfort zone. To move out where only God can come to their rescue. Like laying on of hands for a healing. To speak out in prophesy. To share the fullness of the Holy Spirit, with signs, and wonders following.

What a sad state of affairs. There are vast numbers of christians who have never witnessed a miracle. Not the babes, but people who have been in the Lord for years and years. Even the ones who believe in the full gospel of healing, deliverance, and the gifts of the Spirit.

The TV programs that come from huge ministeries are watered down. And if you can find one that lets God be God, please let me know! Is the Lord not moving, or not healing, or not setting people free? Of course He is, but it's not in the public view.

Here is a racial faith. You be the one to bring in the miracles. You heal the sick, and deliverance to the captives. You start your own ministry of the impossible. Our Lord loves to do the impossible, then He get's the glory, and not the wisdom of man. It will require you to look the fool for Christ. To step out with nothing to hold you up but the Word of the Lord. This is faith: "knowing that God will". It's not a wish and a hope. It's a settled fact in your spirit. Pray till it is, and stay in the fight till you win.

Doesn't it say that we "always are triumphant in Christ". Do you believe it; do you know it! Then do it. It's nice that we have ministers to encourage us, to teach us, and to impart their gifts into our lives. But how about growing up and feeding ourselves. How about praying until you get ahold of God. Till you know the voice of the Spirit. Get the goods yourself and pass them out to all who will receive.

Isn't it Christ living in you hoping to reveal His glory through you to the whole world? Yes. Aren't you blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Then get into the spirit and bring, drag, pull, wrestle, and stir, the heavens with your prayers until you can be that mature christian who lacks nothing. And is ready to whip, destroy, pull down, and overcome all the devil has to throw at people.

It's Jesus who said to ask. It's the Lord who said to seek. It's the King of Glory who told you to knock. Obey Him you Man of War. "Those that know God shall be strong and DO exploits. "Faith is knowing the Lord will DO all that He said". "You may ask me for anything, and I will do it, that the Father be Glorified in the Son".


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