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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mister President

Through out history all men of great destiny have has their moment of decision. From the authors of the constution and the Generals of the Armys. These moments brought either the blessing or the curses of the people who entrusted them with there authority.

Are you the man of war. Will you stop murder, and tryanny and terror? Your enemys are at your door. The ones you call brother, the judicial branch of our own government. They have set themselves up against the very wishs and laws and even the spirit that we stand on.

Lincoln also faced these forces, and fulfilled his place in history. The war is upon you, they are set against you, will you fear to do what you in oath promised to do. Enforce the constution as you said you would?

The whole of the nation will not be with you, but a major part, and even the Lord. To put away evil and a murdering spirit from our land. The people stand with you, this is your greatest opportunity. There is more unity for saving the life of Terry, and for removing this diseased system of judges than for any other war.

What say you, are you the one to fight with us, or do we wander in this wilderness another generation?

Remove any fear, and gain for us this victory, and heaven itself will fight for you. Is it yet to late, does Terry still have breath?


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